To understand in earth terms, Sylus is three years old. The beings of Sylus's home world live for seven years. Each of the seven is roughly the equivalent of 77 earth years. At the end of this approximate 539 years there essence, or what you might call your eternal character, spirit, or soul meshes into the  Jungrau for our purposes here we will here-to-for refer to as the Great Satfa. It is in the this meshing or reunion, in other words, in your  earthly yogic and Buddist disciplines Samadi or Enlightenment. During this period of unity, the entity known here as Sylus  (Sylus being the entities traveling name designation. On Oriani no name is needed only the designation XL-12 for he is the only XL-12 in all of the combined worlds of the  Ambartsumian's Knot or NGC 3561) will choose a completely different physical scenario combined with a life agenda felt through during the unity then enacted into the following incanation.