Name XL-12

                                              Earth designation Sylus

                   An Inter stellar Artist & musician seer & healer galactic traveler & witness to your world.

                                                                        Seer & healer, Mediator                                                                                                                                                                            Come to hold a mirror up for earth culture to witness itself. To remind earth citizens that they are to the earths health and culture as individual cells are in there own bodies, and as life begins with a single cell so can illness. what each person does has a wide reaching effect worldwide. Human kind needs to remember that there healing is within themselves. If you want more of the same do nothing, if you want change then ACT from the inside out. The loudest voices among you are often the least actualized in themselves and are the ones telling you to throw the first stone so to speak.  As more of you see that your Emperor's are naked you are ready to find truth. The only way to Peace is Peace, there is no room in the truth for exemptions or exceptions.

                                                                            Artist & musician                                                                             Through the arts the telling and interpreting of the vast myriad stories observed through his post in the human sector of this solar system. Through all forms of artistic expession Sylus is able to relay back to Oriani and other worlds of Diamond planets.