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Once upon a time there were two like-minded yogis, Robert Ortner & Wendy Simmons-Taylor, who happened to be bass players. In these strange times, they decided it was time to say what was on their mind and thus Peace at Om was created, a loving collaboration of groovy, uplifting music!

PEACE AT OM is the 2020 release by Wendy Simmons-Taylor & Robert Ortner

Musicians on these recordings:

     vocals: Wendy, Robert, Butch Taylor

     guitars: Robert, Butch & Zephyr Taylor

     bass: Wendy, Robert, Zephyr Taylor

     mandolin: Zephyr Taylor

     flute: Wendy

     keyboards: Wendy, Robert, Patti Preiss-Harris

     tablas: Robert

     percussion: Robert, Wendy, Zephyr Taylor

     drums: Robert

Clic here  to take a listen and purchase this uplifting CD of music that can be background yoga music or just a sheer joy to listen to!

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